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Thai Royal Massage, the best massage in Sydney, is located at 142 Clarence Street, Sydney CBD. Massage therapy relaxes muscles, easing and soothing your aches and pains. It rejuvenates - restoring balance to our body and being, making us better for all the things life throws our way. We've made relaxation convenient. We offer convenient location in the city, relaxing environment and professional massage therapists. Oh, and did we mention the great price? It's what's made us the top ranking provider of massage therapy in the Sydney CBD. A great massage is always within your reach.

Oil Massage Promotion - April! Royal Oil Massage $43 / 30 mins, $74 / 60 mins and $110 / 90 mins; Royal Deep Muscle Oil Massage $47 / 30 mins, $84 / 60 mins and $123 / 90 mins. (*promotional prices are cash payment only, full prices will be charged when paying by card or claiming health fund rebates.) Promotion valid till 30/Apr/2014.

100% Satisfaction GuaranteeSERVICE SO GOOD, IT'S GUARANTEED! You have the right to expect good services from our qualified therapists. We give you 100% satisfaction guarantee every time. If you experience an unsatisfied service, your next treatment may be free. You feel confidence to visit us every time.

OIL QUALITY SO GOOD, IT'S GUARANTEED! We apply luxury pure organic massage oil made in Australia's No.1 brand. Oil will be totally cleaned by therapist using warm towel and leave you feeling non-sticky and relaxed.

Early Bird Discount! Step in before 11am and enjoy all treatments 5% discount*! A relaxing way to start a day. You get 5% off of full price for your treatment starting before 11am. (*promotional prices are cash payment only, full prices will be charged when paying by card or claiming health fund rebates.)

Weekend Special! Enjoy exclusive Royal Oil Combination Massage with lower price during weekend! Royal Oil Combination (weekend only offer) exclusively combines body stretching, oil relaxation and yoga-like positions. Royal Oil Combination Massage is only $69 / 1 hour and $99 / 1.5 hours. Book your weekend relaxing time, please call (02) 9299 8988 or book online.

Enjoy a professional massage treatment with our experienced & qualified therapists in the Sydney city centre.

Massage treatments from ONLY $39 / 30 mins ($37 during early bird discount).

One hour massage from ONLY $59 ($56 during early bird discount).

Services cover a range of specialised massage treatments for men and women.

We are located at the Sydney CBD (close to Grace Hotel). We guarantee the professional massage & low price.


Hide out, relax, calm down and reduce stress. Enjoy warm towels, blended oils, soothing music and Sydney's best female therapists!

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why choose us?

  1. Professional & experienced female therapists, professional therapies
  2. Convenient location (142 Clarence Street, Sydney CBD)
  3. Traditional Thai house style in the centre of Sydney city - relaxing, de-stressing and private
  4. Flexible time, free booking online or by phone, morning to evening
  5. Best massage & affordable price in Sydney guaranteed
  6. Private Health Fund Rebates for massage are available. (Appointment is strongly recommended before your visit.)

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what is thai massage therapy?

Slow and rhythmic, each Thai massage posture flows into the next. A relaxing and rejuvenating form of shiatsu and yoga combined.

Blending slow, static stretches, yoga like postures, muscle compression, acupressure, reflexology and breath.

Takes the joints through a full range of motion resulting in a wonderful sense of well-being and stress relief, while stimulating the detoxification process by balancing meridians in the body. Highly recommended for anyone who is under stress.

Sessions compliment all body types and are tailored to suit your particular needs from limited range of motion, tight, sore muscles, injury, rebalancing, to stress or fatigue management.

General benefits include:
- reduced stress & tension
- improved circulation
- increased body awareness
- reduced toxicity
- improved immunity

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