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  30 minutes 60 minutes 90 minutes
Thai Royal Massage ##
Body rejuvenation. stretching, acupressure & yoga
soft or medium pressure
$39 $63 $93
Ancient Thai Massage ##
Body rejuvenation, stretching, accupressure with medium or hard pressure
virgin coconut oil - applied on neck & shoulders
$43 $69 $99
Royal Oil Massage # *
Body relaxation, well-being enhancement with organic oil
soft or medium pressure
$47 $83 $123
Royal Deep Muscle Oil Massage
Firm pressure on the deeper layers of muscle tissue ## *
$49 $89 $133
Royal Cream Massage
FHealing and relaxing with cream, total rejuvenation
soft, medium or hard pressure
## ~
$53 $95 $139
Foot Reflexology Massage ##
Restore body system by pressuring foot reflex points, foot scrub, back & shoulder massage incl. 60 & 90 mins
$39 $63 $93
Royal Combination ##
Thai massage and foot reflexology combination
  $63 $93
Royal Oil Combination # *
Oil & Thai or Oil & Foot massage combination
soft or medium pressure
  $73 $108

# Pressure indicator
* Organic massage oil applied
~ Premium cream applied
Above price list is effective from 1 Jan 2019.

Warm oil is available during winter, please talk with therapist if you prefer warm oil before treatment starts.

You may ask for a customized massage, for example, Neck, Shoulder, Head, etc. You may also ask for specific time length such as 45 minutes or even 2 hours.

Remedial massage is available. Prices are $47 - $53 / 30 minutes, $83 - $95 / 60 minutes and $123 - $139 / 90 minutes. Please check remedial massage options in store.

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  5. Best massage & affordable price in Sydney guaranteed

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